Wedding with multiple places on the itinerary (Multiple Destination weddings)

An ideal wedding whole is made from the sum of many small ceremonies. So, a fairly simple way to ensure that the wedding happens as desired is to assure that each of its ceremonies turn out to be as wished. But, as you can guess it, this task is easier said than done. And the best person to consult for getting the idea of the difficulties that come in the way of accomplishing this task is a wedding planner.

Just to give you a glimpse of how painstaking this task it, you can ask yourself some simple questions like, how to assure that each of your wedding ceremonies turn out to be equally enthralling? How can your Haldi ceremony be similarly fascinating as your Sangeet? And how can your Sangeet ceremony be likely captivating as your Mehendi? And so on…

One way of increasing the charm in each and every of the wedding ceremonies that you are planning to have in your wedding is by planning them at multiple locations. And before you start wondering how? Read the illustration below:

For planning a wedding with multiple places on the itinerary, you need to either figure out a state, city, or a resort according to your budget that has more than one places of attraction near to each other. You can also have places at a distance from each other depending on your complete wedding schedule. So, if you choose Rajasthan. It is a state that hosts multiple locations at nearby distance which can make it possible for you to keep your Haldi ceremony at the stunning Aman-i-Khas, Ranthambhore and your Sangeet at the grand Rambagh Palace, Jaipur. Similarly, your Mehendi can be at Mihirgarh Jodhpur, whereas, your baraat, phere and Bidaai can be at Fateh Garh, Udaipur.

This can be done in other ways too, if you choose to wed in Panjim, Goa, you can choose Treehouse Neptune for your Mehendi. For your Sangeet ceremony, you can opt for Panjim Convention Center. Similarly, your Haldi can be at The Fern Kadamba. And your baraat, phere and Bidaai can be by the beach side, Prainha Beach Resort.

Another way to do it on an even smaller scale can be choosing to wed at some place like Jim Corbett which has enormous resorts like Wood Castle Spa & Resort. Wherein you can have the Mehendi in a banquet, Sangeet in the lawn, Haldi can be out in the open air, whereas the baraat, phere and Bidaai can be arranged accordingly.